2015 Dragon Quest Mug

New for 2015, Brigadoon Brewery’s Dragon Quest Mug.  After receiving several request for a more durable mug we sat down and came up with our Dragon Quest Mug.  This mug is designed with the quest in mind or for those who need something a little bit more durable and lighter than a ceramic mug.  This copper plated stainless steel mug weighs in at just 6.6 ounces making it easy to hang on your belt, holds 15.5 ounces and being made of metal is better able to handle those unforeseen bumps or drops than a standard ceramic mug.  It is shaped to look and feel like an authentic beer or whiskey barrel.   The vintage look and feel fits great in any bar, restaurant, or home collection.  The Copper mug is great to take camping, hiking trips, bar hopping or even on those longer quest.

Being lined with Stainless Steel means that the mug will not affect the favor of your favorite beverage and it is easy to care for.  Simply rinse and wipe with a soft sponge or wash in your dishwasher.  With proper care the mug could last a lifetime.

To make things even better the mug bears the Brigadoon Brewery Dragon which means it is automatically part of our Dragon Mug Club allowing you receive special pricing on refills at all Brigadoon Brewery locations.  All Dragon Mug Club rules apply.

If purchased online and select the "Pick up at Booth" option you will receive the mug at our Texas Renaissance Festival location during normal seasonal hours of operation full of your choice from our tap selection.

2015 Dragon Quest Mug
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