2020 Dragon Mug Pandemic

These uniquely made stoneware tankard beer mugs have an hourglass design that will set it apart from other drinkware items. They feature an ear-shaped handle, ridged accents towards the crown and the bottom of the mug, hold up to 17 ounces.  It will keep your hot beverages hot and your cold beverages cold.  As a member of the Dragon Mug Club you mug bearer will receive $1.00 off regular pint price while receiving and additional 2 oz.

PRE Fair Special:  Order before 9/19/20 and receive your mug full when picked up at our renaissance festival location and receive a voucher for an additional fill.  To qualify you must order online and pick up your 2020 Dragon Mug at our Texas Renaissance Festival location before December 1, 2020.        

2020 Dragon Mug Pandemic
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